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    DPC specialises in creating secure, performant and highly scalable enterprise solutions based on modern web technologies and standards. We pay particular attention to security and interoperability of data.

    We work closely with DPC consultants to ensure that our solutions consistently meet the needs of our clients. We value the people that are the users of our software and take extra care to build software that respects their skills and expertise.

    Some of our case studies

    A41 social value indexing

    An Innovate UK funded project to develop supply chain system that can automate and validate aspects of social value measurement along with capability mapping of the supply chains.

    Cloud BMS

    Innovate UK funded program to develop a cloud building management system which uses a highly secure onboarding process for devices. Fully compliant to Open Connectivity Foundation standards.

    Asset stream

    Asset management system that enables an organisation to track their assets and develop workflows. The initial PoC was to look at city assets such as street furniture and buildings that could be used for 5G roll out.

    E-commerce workflow

    Complete e-commerce order processing, fulfilment and service workflow solution. Integrates with third-party marketplaces, logistics services and review frameworks.

    Real-time Workflows

    The backbone of many business operations are streamlined workflows. We created a powerful framework for highly dynamic, distributed teams. Our secure solution scales massively across thousands of concurrent users and empowers staff for maximum productivity and throughput.

    Integrated Support

    Our client needed a powerful support solution that connected account management, finance and operations to client requests. Our solution integrates with third-party SCM tools to allows teams to collaborate while account management and finance can communicate clearly with clients.